Taiwan: Baxian Cave

Baxian Cave


Taiwan, 250 kilometers from Taipei in Taitung County, Changbin Township.

Baxian Cave Review:

Baxiandong (Baxian Cave, the Eight Immortals Cave) is actually a collection of 16 caves in the north of Hua Tung Mountain carved into the 150-meters high cliff. They were formed as a result of sea erosion million years ago. Tectonic shifts moved the bottom caves to the top – that is the reason why some of the caves are hundred meters above the sea level.

The caves once served a home for the earlest Taiwan inhabitants. Some of the artifacts (stone/bone tools) found in the caves by archaeologists are dated to Stone Age Era, 15 000 years back.

Today most of the caves are proclamed 1st class historic sites and turned into Buddhist and Taoist shrines. They are linked by wooden and stone walkways, so it’s possible to get to the highest cave and enjoy outstanding view on the sea.

Some of the caves have meaning behind the names:

  • Baxian (The Eight Immortals) Cave is named after eight Chineese settlers who believed to be immortal (Baxian) and reside in the cave for a long time.
  • Chaoyin Cave can be translated as “the cave of Waves sound”.

Baxian Cave has connection to all the other caves. The biggest cave is Lingyan Cave. The highest is Kuenluen Cave (it is about 130 meters high). Besides that, there are Chienyuan Cave, Joucheng Cave, Hailay Cave, Chaoyin Cave, Yongan Cave and Shuilian Cave.

How to get to Baxiandong:

  • Hualien Station (TRA) → Hualien Bus (bound for Taitung, Chenggong) to Baxiandong stop.
  • Taitung Station (TRA) → Dingdong Bus (bound for Jingpu, Hualien) to Baxiandong stop.



  • Get to the highest Kuenluen Cave to enjoy a nice sea view.

Baxian Cave photos:

  • View on the sea from the many steps going up the mountain

    View on the sea from the many steps going up the mountain

  • Wooden Steps connecting the caves

    Wooden Steps connecting the caves

  • Buddhist and Taoist shrines inside

    Buddhist and Taoist shrines inside

  • Statues inside the mountain

    Statues inside the mountain

  • Outside of Baxian Cave

    Outside of Baxian Cave


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